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1. When does the curfew apply?
2. Does the curfew apply throughout the entire City of Redmond?
3. Why was the curfew implemented?
4. Do we expect more protests this week and through the weekend?
5. Do we have enough officers and fire/medics in case of violence?
6. I’m scheduled to work during the curfew hours. Can I still travel to go to work? Can my employees still report to work during the curfew?
7. Can I go for a walk/bike ride for exercise during the curfew?
8. I live Downtown and will need to walk my dog for bathroom breaks during the curfew. Is that allowed?
9. Can I be on my porch or balcony during the curfew?
10. What if I need to go to the hospital or urgent care clinic during the curfew?
11. Are businesses required to close during the curfew?
12. Will police be stopping people who are driving after curfew?
13. How will the curfew be enforced?
14. What happens if I don’t want to obey this curfew? Will I be arrested if I refuse to go inside? Will it be a ticket?
15. Will police be arresting people that damage property, cause violence or loot?
16. Should I call 911 if I see social media information about planned rioting, looting, or violence in Redmond?
17. What is a “public right-of-way”?
18. Are there other exemptions from the curfew?