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1. How do I give input on amenities or changes that I want to see at different parks?
2. Will the basketball courts at Perrigo Park be converted to Pickleball?
3. Will the tennis lines be removed from Court #3 at Perrigo Park?
4. Will Reservoir Park get converted to Pickleball?
5. Will Meadow Park courts get redone, and when will a bathroom be added?
6. Will a bathroom be added at Westside Park?
7. Will there be dedicated/reserved time for Senior pickleball play at Perrigo Park?
8. What will happen this winter with the pickleball nets at Perrigo Park?
9. Who should we contact to talk about the future of Pickleball in Redmond?
10. Can I modify courts such as laying down my own tape, taking down tennis nets, adding temporary markings to line a court, or building a practice wall for pickleball in public parks?