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1. Is the traffic circle planned at the intersection of 172nd Ave. NE and NE 124th St. non-compliant with applicable standards? Do WSDOT standards apply?
2. Will emergency vehicles be able to navigate the traffic circle?
3. Are traffic circles effective? I heard that Perteet, a consultant, said they are not effective.
4. I heard that the US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Federal Highway Administration said traffic circles are considered inappropriate along a primary emergency vehicle route.
5. Is the traffic circle at the intersection of 172nd Ave. NE and NE 112th St. an example of the kind of traffic circle you want to install at the intersection of 172nd Ave. NE and NE 124th St.?
6. Will the curbing at the intersection of 172nd Ave. NE and 124th St. NE be made of concrete or plastic?
7. The plans say that speed cushions will reduce speed by 5-13 mph. Do speed cushions reduce speeds?
8. Isn’t 172nd Ave. NE is too narrow between 124th and 122nd for large vehicles to travel in both directions? What are you adding south of the gate to keep people safe?
9. Does the section of road with 10-foot lanes between NE 124th St. and NE 122nd St. include a bicycle lane?
10. What is the proposed date for the gate to be open?
11. Why does the gate need to open so soon? I heard it might open by March 2024.
12. Why is the City undertaking this project now?
13. Shouldn’t the traffic signal be in place at 162nd Place NE and NE 124th St. before the gate is removed? Did the City commit to installing a traffic signal at that intersection before opening the gate?
14. What measures will you take to protect the children? Removing the gate may increase the traffic in front of Clara Barton Elementary School, where there have already been speeding issues.
15. How will you enforce the speed limits north of the gate?
16. With over 3,000 cars a day traveling on 172nd Ave. NE, how will you ensure pedestrians can cross safely to access their mailboxes, which are on the opposite side of the street?
17. Why are there no sidewalks North of 124th? How do you plan to keep pedestrians safe?
18. Did anyone from the county attend the public meeting on Nov. 8?
19. When will notes from the meeting be provided?
20. Was the public meeting on Nov. 8 recorded?
21. The website says the project goals include limiting cut-through traffic. How can that be true if you are removing the gate?
22. How can removing the gate expedite emergency services if they already have a way to unlock the gate?