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Planner of the Day:
Phone: 425-556-2494

On-Call, Development Engineering:
Phone: 425-556-2876
Web: Development Services Center

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Allen, Matthew Planner 425-556-2329  
Allen, Seraphie Deputy Director of Planning and Community Development 425-556-2450  
Alpert, Lauren Senior Planner 425-556-2460  
Anderson, Lauren Senior Planner 425-556-2401  
Awad, Heba Sr. Utility Engineer 425-556-2861  
Beam, Cathy Planner-Principal 425-556-2429  
Bien, Alaric Planner-Sr. 425-556-2458  
Buckingham, Brooke Human Services Manager 425-556-2416  
Cardenas, Odra Planner 425-556-2439  
Churchill, Jeff Planning Manager 425-556-2492  
Chow, Andy Engineering Manager 425-556-2740  
Coil, Glenn Sr. Planner 425-556-2742  
Conyers, Jody Sr. Stormwater Engineer 425-556-2468  
Engineering, Development   425-556-2876  
Dietz, Kimberly Principal Planner 425-556-2415  
Frey, Beckye Principal Planner 425-556-2750  
Garcia, Vangie Engineering Manager 425-556-2446  
Helland, Carol Director, Planning & Community Development 425-556-2107  
Indiongco, Kevin Associate Engineer 425-556-2890  
Kares, Andrea Plans Examiner 425-556-2480  
Keeling, Kimberly Program Administrator 425-556-2451  
Lalor, Jackie Economic Development & Tourism Program Administrator 425-556-2209  
Lau, Peter Sr. Transportation Engineer 425-556-2715  
Lee, David Planning Manager 425-556-2462  
Lee, Gary Planner-Sr. 425-556-2418  
Lefcourte, Ian Senior Planner, Long Range Planning 425-556-2438  
Lehman, Amber Homeless Outreach Coordinator 425-556-2421  
L'Heureux, Mary Program Assistant 425-556-2490  
Liburdy, Francesca Senior Transportation Planner 425-556-2476  
Lu, Zheng Sr. Utility Engineer 425-556-2844  
Luo, Min Engineer-Sr. 425-556-2881  
Lyga, Pat Sr. Engineering Technician 425-556-2747  
Lynch, Jason Deputy Director, Development Services 425-556-2483  
Macri, Aila Planner 425-556-2437  
Marsh, Philly Economic Development Manager 425-556-2436  
McGonagall, Mason Senior Planner 425-556-2475  
McHarg, Tim Principal Planner 425-556-2414  
Mueller, Josh Senior Transportation Strategist 425-556-2461  
Munoz, Guillermo Engineer 425-556-2737  
Murillo, Duniel Administrative Specialist 425-556-2760  
Myer, Elizabeth Permitting Supervisor 425-556-4209  
On Call, Planner Planner On Call 425-556-2494  
Pham, Manh Engineering Technician 425-556-2840  
Poole, Heidi Sr. Engineering Technician 425-556-2939  
Regis, Tony Sr. Stormwater Engineer 425-556-2472  
Ross, Micah Senior Engineer 425-556-2498  
Rutherford, Tisza Homeless Program Administrator 425-553-7093  
Sage, Tom Sr. Stormwater Engineer 425-556-2488  
Salley, Travis Development Services Supervisor 425-556-2408  
Santos, Abe Engineering Supervisor 425-556-2484  
Taylor, LaNaya TDM Program Administrator 425-556-2482  

Code Enforcement 


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Storm or Surface Water Quality & Spills
Phone: 425-556-2868

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Redmond, WA 98052



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