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Planner of the Day Phone: 425-556-2494

Name Title Email Phone
Beam, Cathy Planner-Principal 425-556-2429
Bien, Alaric Planner-Sr. 425-556-2458
Buckingham, Brooke Human Services Manager 425-556-2416
Cairns, Donald Engineering Manager 425-556-2834
Chapman, Caroline Senior Planner 425-556-2442
Churchill, Jeff Planning Manager 425-556-2492
Coil, Glenn Sr. Planner 425-556-2742
Dane, Peter Senior Planner 425-556-2816
Dietz, Kimberly Planner-Sr. 425-556-2415
Frey, Beckye Principal Planner 425-556-2750
Helland, Carol Director, Planning & Community Development 425-556-2107
Kares, Andrea Planner 425-556-2480
Keeling, Kimberly Program Administrator 425-556-2451
Kutzmark, Tam Transportation Sr. Planner 425-556-2870
Lee, David Planning Manager 425-556-2462
Lee, Gary Planner-Sr. 425-556-2418
Lefcourte, Ian Planner, Long Range Planning 425-556-2438
Lewis, Carol Supervisor, Permitting & Plan Review 425-556-2410
Luo, Min Engineer-Sr. 425-556-2881
Lynch, Jason Assistant Director, Development Services 425-556-2483
Macri, Aila Assistant Planner 425-556-2437
Mesa-Zendt, Beverly Deputy Director 425-556-2423
Montes de Oca, Niomi Planning-Sr. 425-556-2499
Mueller, Josh Engineering Technician-Sr. 425-556-2461
On Call, Planner Planner On Call 425-556-2494
Pyle, Sarah Planning Manager 425-556-2426
Reynolds, Scott Planner 425-556-2409
Ross, Micah Senior Engineer 425-556-2498
Ruffin, Aaron Project Manager 425-556-2925
Rutherford, Tisza Homelessness Program Administrator 425-556-2413
Salley, Travis Development Services Supervisor 425-556-2408
Schmeck, Nick Assistant Planner 425-556-2440
Sticka, Benjamin Planner 425-556-2470
Zapata, Cameron Senior Planner 425-556-2411

Code Enforcement 


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Storm or Surface Water Quality & Spills
Phone: 425-556-2868

Go Redmond 

Redmond, WA 98052

Redmond, WA 98052



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