Tourism Promotion Program
Redmond's Tourism Promotion Program has one primary goal—attracting visitors to Redmond.  We do this promotion through our Experience Redmond marketing campaign, which includes the Experience Redmond Website, social media, email transmissions, visitor guides, and other media.
We also promote tourism by awarding Special Events Grants for special events, sports tournaments, and festivals—publicly and privately sponsored.
The current year's grant recipients in sequential order by 2015 date (Grant Amount) are:
  • SecondStory Repertory Theater Expansion Project – January-September ($6,000)
  • Triple Crown Sports Memorial Day Youth Baseball Tournament – May 23-25 ($5,000)
  • Nike Crossfire Challenge – July 10-13; July 17-20 ($13,000)
  • Marymoor Grand Prix - July 24-26 ($3,500)
  • Ananda Mela – July 25-26 ($5,000)
  • Crossfire Select Cup Soccer Tournament – July 24-26 ($5,000)
  • Redmond Arts Festival (VALA) – August 14-16 ($5,000)

Program Funding

Funding for this program is made possible through revenues Redmond collects from a one percent (1%) lodging tax on the rental of hotel rooms in Redmond.