Comprehensive Plan
One of a family of plans published by the City of Redmond, the CEMP is the framework for city-wide mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities for all types of hazards. Its intent is to provide a structure for standardizing plans citywide and to facilitate interoperability between local, state, and federal governments.

The complete plan and Emergency Support Functions (ESF) Annexes are available electronically as .pdf formatted links:

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Emergency Support Functions (ESF) Annexes: 
ESF-1 Transportation
ESF-2 Telecommunications, Information Systems, and Warning
ESF-3 Public Works and Engineering
ESF-4 Firefighting
ESF-5 Emergency Management
ESF-6 Mass Care, Housing, and Human Services
ESF-7 Resources Support
ESF-8 Public Health and Medical Services
ESF-9 Search and Rescue
ESF-10 Hazardous Materials Response
ESF-11 Agriculture and Natural Resources
ESF-12 Energy
ESF-13 Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Security
ESF-14 Long-Term Community Recovery
ESF-15 Public Affairs