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The Redmond Fire Prevention Division strives to achieve the following
during our interaction with you;

Timely, Quality service conducted Professionally with Value that meets your Expectations.

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Customer Survey

Please identify what area of Redmond Fire Prevention you were involved with:
 Plan Review 
New Construction Inspection
 Annual Fire Life Safety Inspection
 Committee/Community Meeting

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Did Redmond Fire Prevention meet your goals in achieving timely completion with your 
initial plans review, plans corrections, fire inspections and or other interactions?

1 - fail       2 - poor    3 satisfactory    4 - above average      5 - excellent 

How was the quality of work demonstrated by Redmond Fire Prevention? 

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Did Redmond Fire Prevention perform professionally throughout your permit and or
inspection process or other interaction?

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Was your interaction with Redmond Fire Prevention of value to you?    
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Did Redmond Fire Prevention meet your expectations throughout your contact, permitting 
and or inspection process? 
(If we did not, please spend a moment to HELP us improve with your comments).

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