Farrel-McWhirter Preschool
We are located in a natural setting of a working farm and ever-changing forest. The preschool uses a theme-based curriculum that encourages and promotes children's growth in a secure, creative and stimulating environment. Each thematic unit involves language and math readiness skills, music, movement, arts and crafts, and large and small group activities as we explore and experience our subject.

School year programs, September to May
  • Creative Play for 3 year olds, Tue-Thu, 9-11:30 am
  • Preschool Adventures for 3½ to 5 year olds, Mon-Wed-Fri, 9-11:30am
  • Pre-K Discoveries for 4 to 5 year olds, Tue-Wed-Thu, 12:30-3:30pm

Child must meet age requirement as of August 31 before school year begins.

Enrollment begins in February for the following year's classes
Information Nights at Preschool in January (Waitlists maintained for current year classes only)

Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park on Novelty Hill - 68 acres, field, farm, and forest

Key philosophies:
Hands-on! Theme-based! Learning is fun!

The Outdoor Preschool at Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park

NEW! Research reveals that playing in the dirt not only lowers depression and anxiety but can also make you smarter! The Outdoor Preschool (TOP) at Farrel-McWhirter is a nature discovery preschool program. Children will learn and play in the forest, trails, meadows, and farm; and more than half of each day will be spent outside - rain, snow, or sun. Children will have plenty of one-on-one attention while they learn to observe, identify, and appreciate the natural world. They’ll build forts, dig in the dirt, explore puddles, streams, and trails, hunt for slugs, worms, and bugs, investigate plants, and animals, and develop a true appreciation for the environment.

Farrel McWhirter Outdoor School
Loc:    Farrel-McWhirter Park Operations Building
Age:    3½-5 yrs 
Days:  Tuesdays, Thursdays
Time:   10am-12:30pm

3-10 week Fall, Winter, & Spring Sessions

Farrel McWhirter Preschool
Program Site
Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park
(Farm & Nature Park)

Contact Us
Farrel-McWhirter Preschool
If you have general questions
about the preschool, please
contact the Recreation Office
at 425-556-2300.

Current Information
For the most current information, please visit our online recreation guide at www.RedmondRecreationGuide.com.

If you would like to speak with the Coordinator for the preschool, contact Tami Cobb at tcobb@redmond.gov
or call 425-556-2377.