Redmond Fire Department

Phone:  425-556-2200


Fire Danger is HIGH

The continued high temperatures and dry conditions have significantly increased the danger of fire and rapid fire spread in and around residential neighborhoods. 

As the Fourth of July holiday weekend approaches, Fire Chief Tommy Smith is urging citizens to attend one of the many professional public fireworks displays in the area.  There are dozens of displays all over the Puget Sound Region, many of which can be found here.

We encourage you to wait a week when you can enjoy Redmond's very own fireworks display at Derby Days on Saturday, July 11, at 10:00pm on City Hall Campus.

Citizens are reminded that personal use of fireworks is illegal within the city limits of Redmond.  Be sure to remember these safety tips:
  • Keep a water hose or fire extinguisher nearby to put out stray sparks
  • Ensure the safety of your pets
  • Do not hesitate to call 911 for any sign of fire, large or small

The Redmond Fire Department appreciates your cooperation in keeping everyone safe during the holiday celebrations.