Concurrency System Update

The Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) requires cities to provide sufficient transportation capacity to accommodate growth in their communities. This is known as concurrency, and GMA gives cities the flexibility to define their own systems for managing transportation infrastructure and growth. In 2009, the City of Redmond adopted an original plan-based multimodal concurrency system that incorporates walking, bicycling, transit, and driving into its capacity calculations.

The City of Redmond is now undertaking a review of its concurrency system, with the goal of updating the method used to calculate transportation supply so that it better accounts for the benefits of small projects. In addition the concurrency system must be updated to reflect the newest 18-year list of transportation projects and programs (the Transportation Facilities Plan) and current travel demand on City streets.


Project Phase: In Progress

Current Project Activities: Modeling

Estimated Timeline:

October 2013 Begin
December 2013 Methodology revisions identified
January 2014 Model run complete
February 2014 Concurrency supply methodology updated
March 2014 New technical report released


Contact: Patrick McGrath, 425-556-2870

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