Refresh Your Recycling Pledge

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Brought to you by the City of Redmond's Recycling and Waste Reduction Program.

Recycling Pledge

We,  will join a growing number of Redmond businesses by pledging to:

  • Review how we currently collect recycling in our buildings
    (Are there enough recycling containers in the right places?)
  • Make sure employees know what goes where
    (signage or reminders?)
  • Help make sure recycling is ending up in the right dumpster
    (janitorial staff trained?)
  • Purchase recycled–content products when possible
    (paper or other products?)

Bonus: Our business will set up a process to collect and recycle at least one of the more challenging materials (which aren’t accepted in the regular recycling bin)

  • Styrofoam packaging or peanuts
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Batteries
  • Cell Phones
  • Electronics
  • Food waste (it’s free)

More info:, 425-556-2832, or visit the website


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