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Redmond Hearing Examiner

March 6, 2017, 7 p.m., Council Chambers


Essential Public Facility and Shoreline Development Permit
File Nos. LAND-2016-00271 and LAND-2016-00273

Notice of Public Hearing

Construction of a 2-story building on 1 existing lot including a food bank grocery, food bank storage, client service center and administrative offices

Location: 15511 NE 90th Street, Redmond, WA 98052

Exhibit 1 - City of Redmond Technical Committee Report
Attachment A: Notice of Application and Certificate of Posting
Attachment B: Notice of Application Public Comment Letter and Response
Attachment C: SEPA DNS Notice
Attachment D: SEPA Public Comment Letter and Correspondence
Attachment E: Notice of Public Hearing and Certificates of Posting
Attachment F: Environmental Checklist
Attachment G: Community Outreach Plan
Attachment H: Tree Health Assessment Report
Attachment I: Tree Preservation Plan
Attachment J: Critical Area Report
Attachment K: Mitigation Plan
Attachment L: Mitigation Report
Attachment M: September 2014 letter and Interpretation
Attachment N: Full Plan Set
Attachment O: Design Review Package
Attachment P: Stormwater Report
Attachment Q: Basin Analysis
Attachment R: Geotech Report
Attachment S: Traffic Study Phase I
Attachment T: Traffic Study Phase II TMP
Attachment U: Neighborhood Meeting Notice
Attachment V: Substantial Shoreline Development Report
Attachment V - Exhibit A: Site Plan
Attachment V - Exhibit B: Vicinity Map
Attachment V - Exhibit C: Public Comment for the Notice of Application
Attachment V - Exhibit D: SEPA Threshold Determination
Attachment V - Exhibit E: SEPA Public Comment Letters
Attachment V - Exhibit F: Critical Areas Report
Attachment V - Exhibit G: Tree Health Assessment
Attachment V - Exhibit H: Mitigation Plan
Attachment V - Exhibit I: Mitigation Report
Attachment V - Exhibit J: Stormwater Report
Attachment V - Exhibit K: Design Review Board Package
Attachment V - Exhibit L: Notice of Application
Attachment V - Exhibit M: General Application Form
Attachment V - Exhibit N: Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application Form (JARPA)
Attachment V - Exhibit O: Environmental Checklist
Attachment V - Exhibit P: Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Checklist
Attachment V - Exhibit Q: Conditions of Approval EPF SPE SSPD
Exhibit 2 - PowerPoint Presentation
Exhibit 3 - Public Comment Letter
Exhibit 4 - Revised Technical Committee Report
Exhibit 5 - Revised Shoreline Report