School Zone & Traffic Safety Improvements

Vicinity Map

Location: School Zones and Traffic Improvement sites throughout the City, see Vicinity Map.

Project Phase: Construction Complete

Estimated Timeline: Construction began in July 2014 and was completed in May 2015

Contact: Patty S. Criddle, 425-556-2723

Description: As part of the School Zone Safety Improvements project, the City installed safety features at six locations serving eight local schools. These features included rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) and speed-feedback radar signs.

Project locations and specific features at each site are as follows:Speed-feedback radar

  • Faith Lutheran Elementary on 166th Avenue NE - RRFBs and speed-feedback radar signs
  • Ben Rush Elementary on Old Redmond Road - RRFBs and speed-feedback radar signs
  • Audubon Elementary on 180th Street - speed-feedback radar signs
  • Redmond High School, Redmond Middle School, and Horace Mann Elementary on 104th Street and on 166th Avenue NE - speed-feedback radar signs
  • Norman Rockwell Elementary on 162nd Avenue NE - speed-feedback radar signs
  • Einstein Elementary on NE 116th Street - RRFBs and speed-feedback radar signs

The School Zone Safety Improvement projects came out of the 2012-2013 Traffic Safety Comprehensive Plan. In this plan, school zones were identified for safety improvements in response to a Police and Public Works joint review of school zones throughout the City. The review consisted of collecting speed, volume, and collision data; conducting speed check site and equipment reviews; and then ranking sites by need for safety improvements.

Rapid-flash beacons and crossing

Revenue generated through the Pilot Traffic Safety Camera Program funded the design and construction of the school zone improvements.