Responsible Government
Community priority: I want a city government that is responsible and responsive to its residents and businesses.
up arrow Overall positive trend.

City services. 73 percent of those participating in the 2013 citizen survey rated city services as excellent or good.

Fiscal responsibility. Redmond's price of government has fallen for five consecutive years, to 5.08 percent in 2014. Redmond has held a AAA bond rating—the highest possible—since 2008.

Baseline Observed Objective  Trend*
City services
Percent rating city services as excellent or good 73%
-- N/A
Fiscal responsibility
Price of Redmond city government 5.3%
5%-6% up arrow
(improving: price decreasing)
City of Redmond Bond rating AAA
AAA left-right arrow
* Trend over three most recent data points.

Jeff Churchill

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