Licensed Businesses
Licensed Businesses
City role: indirect
Two measures: number of businesses licensed in Redmond; number of Redmond businesses holding a Redmond business license for at least seven years.

Number of licensed businesses: In 2013 Redmond licensed 891 new businesses. Overall, 5,684 businesses are licensed to operate in Redmond. The number of business licenses has increased every year since 2002.

The term “new” business includes businesses that were previously operating but were unlicensed, and those that underwent a change of ownership. The City also licenses firms that operate in Redmond but are not physically located in Redmond, such as contractors.

Licensed Businesses
Licensed businesses

Number of Redmond businesses with license for seven or more years: The number of Redmond businesses holding a business license for at least seven years increased slightly to 1,460 in 2013 from 1,458 in 2012.

Source: Redmond Business License Data
Updated March 2014

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