Waste and Recycling
Waste & Recycling
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 Two measures: single-family wastestream (lbs/household/week), and single-family recycling rate.

Wastestream.  The amount of waste per week per single-family customer decreased from 56 pounds in 2013 to 53 pounds in 2014 – the lowest figure reported since the beginning of Community Indicators. “Wastestream” for single-family households includes all curbside waste and recyclable materials and 70 percent of recycling event materials. The City’s goal is to reduce single-family waste to 50 pounds per week per single-family customer by 2020.

Recycling rate.  The recycling rate for single-family customers decreased slightly from 65 percent in 2013 to 64 percent in 2014. The recycling rate has remained between 62 percent and 65 percent since 2004.

Pounds of Waste Per Customer Per Week
Waste and Recycling

Source: Public Works Department

Updated March 2015

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