City Seeks Candidates for Library Board of Trustees (1)
February 7, 2014 Anne Marie Peacock
Office of Communications

Redmond, WA - Are you passionate about libraries and the role the Redmond Regional Library plays in the Redmond community? The Redmond Library Board of Trustees is seeking interested Redmond residents to volunteer for a Board vacancy.

The Board advises the Mayor and City Council on library policy, represents Redmond’s interests to the King County Library System and promotes local interest in the library. Members are appointed to five-year terms with a two-term limit. Meetings take place at 7 pm on the first Wednesday of each month at the Redmond Regional Library.

Interested residents living within Redmond city limits should contact the Mayor’s office at 425-556-2101 or download a community service application.

Mail the completed application to the Office of the Mayor, City of Redmond, P.O. Box 97010, Redmond, WA 98073-9710 or fax to 425-556-2110. If possible, include a summary of related experience.

Applications will continue to be accepted until the vacancy is filled. All board and commission members are volunteers

For more information please contact Susan Cooper at 425-556-2106 or