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Overlake today is a hub of urban activity, with excellent access via SR 520 and public transit to Downtown Redmond, Downtown Bellevue, Seattle, and the region. It is the third largest employment center in the region with about 46,000 jobs. Residents and people who work in Overlake have their pick of a wide variety of restaurants and shops. Business owners choose Overlake in part because of its unparalleled proximity to the world leaders in software and digital media.


Redmond is building on these assets by planning for significant urban growth in Overlake. When these plans are realized, thousands of new residents will walk from their homes to their jobs or to patronize neighborhood shops and services. Residents and employees will relax in one of three major parks, two of which are also regional stormwater facilities.

Beginning in 2023, light rail will quickly and conveniently transports residents, employees, and visitors between two Overlake stations and regional destinations. Complete streets and new nonmotorized crossings of State Route 520 will make transit more convenient to more people, and provide new connections between Overlake Village and the Employment Area to the north.

Overlake will continue to succeed as a regional hub of activity because the community together with private property owners and developers set a vision and established a strategy to achieve that vision.

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Upcoming Events

East Link: watch 12-minute narrated animation.

Attend neighborhood meeting for Overlake stations on April 14, 5-7pm at the Silver Cloud Inn, 2122 152nd Ave NE. 

South Detention Vault: construction has begun!  Expect delays on NE 20th St between 148th and 152nd, 4/11-5/9, 6am-3pm M-F. Find out more about this important project.

South Vault Postcard (March 2014)

Esterra Park (Capstone/Group Health): learn more about park design concepts.

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