21 Good Reasons to Mark Bike Lanes
  1. bike laneBike lanes support and encourage bicycling as a means of transportation.
  2. Bike lanes remind drivers that bicyclists are roadway users, too.
  3. Bike lanes help define road space for bikes and for cars, promoting a more orderly flow of traffic.
  4. Bike lanes allow bicyclists to move at their own pace.
  5. Bike lanes remove slower-moving bikes from vehicular traffic lanes, reducing delay for drivers.
  6. Bike lanes are a visual reminder to drivers to look for bicyclists when turning or opening car doors.
  7. Bike lanes enforce the concept that bicyclists are roadway users and should behave like other vehicle operators.
  8. Bike lanes encourage bicyclists to obey general traffic rules when roadways are marked to include them.
  9. Bike lanes provide an added buffer for pedestrians between sidewalks and thru traffic.  This is important when young children are walking, biking, or playing on curbside sidewalks.
  10. Bike lanes provide an area for people in wheelchairs to travel where there are no sidewalks, or sidewalks are in need of repair.
  11. Bike lanes provide a place for wheelchair users to turn on and off curb cut ramps away from moving traffic.
  12. Bike lanes provide emergency vehicles room to maneuver around stopped traffic, decreasing response time.
  13. Bike lanes encourage bicyclists to ride in the correct direction - with the flow of traffic.
  14. Bike lanes increase the comfort level for bicyclists in traffic.
  15. Bike lanes have a "traffic calming" effect - roads that appear narrow result in slower vehicular speeds.
  16. Bike lanes increase sight distance for drivers entering the roadway from driveways or side streets.
  17. Bike lanes increase the turning radius for large vehicles.
  18. Bike lanes make crossing pedestrians more visible to drivers.
  19. Bike lanes increase clear space between parked cars and moving vehicles.
  20. Bike lanes help stop global warming by providing a real, healthy option to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  21. Each bike on the road means one less car.


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