Code of Conduct

Tent City Code of Conduct

We, the people of SHARE/WHEEL, in order to keep a more harmonious community, ask that you observe the following code of conduct:  

  • SHARE/WHEEL's Tent City 4 is a drug and alcohol free zone. Those caught drinking or using drugs will be asked to leave. Sobriety is required.
  • No weapons are allowed. Knives over 3 1/2 inches must be checked in.
  • Violence will not be tolerated. Please attempt to resolve any conflict in a creative, non-violent manner.
  • Degrading ethnic, racist, sexist or homophobic remarks are not acceptable. No physical punishment, verbal abuse or intimidation will be tolerated.
  • We are a community. Please respect the rights and privacy of your fellow citizens.
  • No men in the women's tents. No women in the men's tents.
  • No open flames.
  • No loitering or disturbing neighbors. No trespassing.
  • Attendance of at least one of the several community meetings held through the week is required. Days and times will be posted so that you may work it into your schedule.
Any of the following are grounds for being permanently barred from Tent City 4:  
  • Alcohol in camp
  • Illegal drugs in camp
  • Violence or threats of violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Theft (of any resident's property or TC4 community property)
  • Anything that causes a 911 call to be placed (other than a legitimate medical emergency)
  • Open flames or smoking in tents
  • Repeated write-ups for minor infractions
  • Violating any of our specific agreements with the current host church and/or host city (ask any executive committee member if in doubt as to these agreements)
If these rules are not respected and enforced, Tent City 4 may be permanently closed.