Spiritbrook Park and Westside Park


Spiritbrook Park: Grass Lawn Neighborhood
Westside Park: Overlake Neighborhood

The Parks and Recreation Department is planning to renovate Spiritbrook and Westside parks to revitalize use in the parks. These are older neighborhood parks in Redmond with outdated play equipment, drainage issues in the fields, and play courts that required resurfacing.

The master planning process provided opportunities for the public to participate in the planning process by identifying needs and desires in their neighborhood park. The consultant team held visioning meetings, conceptual design review meetings, and sough input once the draft master plan was developed for each park. 

Renovation of Spiritbrook Park is scheduled from mid-August 2011to early Summer 2012. This will be a joint parks and stormwater effort.

Improvements to the park will include incorporation of a small wetland into the design of the site, by including new plantings in the wetland buffer and a trail that goes to the edge of the wetland; a new and expanded play area that contains the latest in playground design, including a slide built into a small hillside for younger kids; a small picnic shelter; new courts for pickleball and basketball; and a loop trail that encircles most of the park. The existing play field will be renovated by removing the wet peat soil underneath it, and replacing it with a free-draining sandy soil and a drainage system underground. Although the field will be a little smaller than it is today, it will be greatly improved and usable most of the year.

Drainage in the Spiritbrook neighborhood has long been an issue, and improvements to the drainage system in the park will address some of these issues. These include installation of an underground drainage system, the abandonment of the existing storm system along the eastern edge of the park, and construction of a new 30” storm drain system across the southern boundary of the park and in 151st Ave. NE.

It is anticipated that Westside Park will be renovated in two to six years, pending funding.

Playground at Spiritbrook

B Sanders, Project Manager