Commerce / Vibrant Economy
Goal: Maintain a strong and diverse economy, and provide a business climate that retains and attracts locally owned companies as well as internationally recognized corporations.

Community priority: I want a diverse and vibrant range of businesses and services in Redmond.

Businesses Licenses. There are 5,908 businesses licensed to operate in Redmond—a new high for the eleventh consecutive year. Of those, 935 are newly licensed businesses while 1,465 have held a Redmond business license for at least seven years.

Population and Employment. Redmond's population grew to 59,180 in 2015; employment rose to 81,867 in Redmond in 2013 (latest available).

Income and Poverty. Redmond median household income increased slightly to $98,958 (inflation adjusted). Child poverty stood at 6.19 percent in the Lake Washington School District (2013), roughly the same as the 2012 figure of 6.17 percent.

Current condition indicated by GreenCircle YellowCircle RedCircle. Trend indicated by UpArrowDownArrowRightArrow.

Observed Condition Objective 6-year Trend*
Income and Poverty  
Redmond median household income (inflation-adjusted) $98,958
GreenCircle N/A UpArrow
Sales and property tax receipts (millions, inflation-adjusted)  $37.1
GreenCircle N/A UpArrow
Lake Washington School District child  poverty rate 6.2%
GreenCircle N/A DownArrow
(worsening: more poverty)
Licensed businesses      
Number of licensed businesses 5,908
GreenCircle             N/A UpArrow
Number of Redmond businesses with license for seven or more years 1,465
GreenCircle   N/A UpArrow
New businesses licensed 935
GreenCircle N/A DownArrow
Population and employment        
Population  59,180
GreenCircle 78,000
Employment  81,867
YellowCircle  119,000
Share of Regional Employment (percentage of jobs in the four-county region - King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Kitsap - located in Redmond 4.56%
GreenCircle 3.83%
Satisfaction with type and variety of restaurants, shops, and services (percent responding very or somewhat satisfied) 81%
  N/A N/A
* Where six years of data are available.

Jeff Churchill

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