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Redmond Zoning Code Comments

  1. Introduction

    Please use the following form to submit comments regarding the content and functionality of the Zoning Code.  Comments will be considered on an annual basis.  Comments will also be responded to by staff following a period of research and departmental communication.

  2. Identify the specific portion of code for which the comment is being provided.  Please include multiple portions when applicable.

  3. Describe your comment, concern, or the issue in complete detail.

  4. Describe how a change would benefit the customers who engage the City's development regulations and how a change would benefit Development Services Center staff.

  5. Describe risks that could result in a change to the respective portion or portions of the zoning code.

    For example, could a change result in increased need for permit processing, staff training, or an increase in permitting costs.  

    Also, would the change create inconsistency with the City's Comprehensive Plan policies, the Community Strategic Plan, or with other codes such as the building and fire codes?

  6. Describe how the change is supported by City policies and/or priorities.  Policies and priorities are reflected in the Comprehensive Plan and strategic plans.

    Please refer to  Citywide Plans and Policies (located at the bottom of the page) for a filterable list of major City plans and policies.

  7. Contact Information

    Include the following so that staff can follow up with you regarding your concerns as well as to discuss questions.

  8. Thank You

    Thank you for submitting comments regarding the Redmond Zoning Code.  Staff looks forward to communicating with you regarding your suggestions and recommendations to the City's development regulations.

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