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Redmond Partnership Network Roster

  1. Introduction

    Redmond Partnership Network members are invited to include the information listed below for the members roster.  The tool can also be used to update your agency or group's contact information at any time.

    The roster is intended for sharing among members in order to collaborate and communicate as needed with other members.

    For additional information, please contact Sarah Pyle and Kimberly Dietz, Redmond Planning and Community Development.

  2. Point(s) of Contact

    Include the name(s) of the primary agency or organizational contact(s) for RPN communication.

  3. Types of Services Provided

    Check boxes for services your agency or organization provides.

  4. If you marked "Other" for Type of Services, please describe.

  5. Contact Information for Partners

    Include below the contact information for sharing with members of the RPN.

  6. Contact Information for Clients / Community Members

    If different from above, include contact information for sharing with clients and members of the community.

  7. Consider ways the City can support communication and partnerships among members of the RPN and with the community.

    Describe the ways you would like to contact or partner with other members of the RPN.  You can also describe ways that you'd like to contact or partner with the community.

    Example:  events, workshops, youth volunteer opportunities, internship opportunities, drivers available/wanted, laborers available/wanted, etc.

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