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Redmond Lights - Home Lighting Contest Entry Form

  1. 2021 Redmond Lights
  2. 2021 Redmond Lights - Home Lighting Contest Entry

    Use this form to submit your lighting display for entry into the Redmond Lights Home Lighting Contest by December 16!

    All entries will be shared on social media after December 17-19 for community voting, and a winner will be announced December 20.

    Please contact us with any questions by emailing:

    Thank you for spreading holiday cheer!

  3. Participation Rules
    • Submit your entry using this form by December 16, 2021.
    • Keep it family-friendly.
    • Displays must not obstruct the sidewalk and/or any public right-of-way.
    • No display is too big or too small!
    • Please keep your decorations up through January 5, 2022 to welcome the New Year.
  4. Please upload one photo of your completed display to be shared publicly on Redmond's social media pages for contest voting. If you post additional photos on Facebook, remember to tag us with #RedmondLights!

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