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Recreation Contractor Application

  1. Recreation Contractor Application

    Thank you for your interest in offering a recreation program through City of Redmond Parks & Recreation!

    Application Timeline:

    • Recreation programs/activities operate seasonally. Our three recreation seasons include Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer. 
    • For full consideration, please adhere to the following timelines for seasonal applications:
      • Fall Season: Activities run September through December; submit contractor application by June
      • Winter Season: Activities run January through April; submit contractor application by October
      • Spring/Summer Season: Activities run May through August; submit contractor applicaiton by February
    • Please note that if you wish to apply to be a contractor for summer camps, this requires a separate process and application.
    • Contractor applications are considered on a rolling basis for each upcoming recreation season.

    Please read the following priorto submitting your Recreation Contractor Application to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for working with the City.

    As a City of Redmond Recreation Contractor, I will:

    • Be subject to completion of a contract with the City of Redmond
    • Submit a program outline for approval to City of Redmond staff, from which my programs will not deviate without prior mutual approval
    • Meet all deadlines for related information
    • Establish and enforce rules and regulations for participant conduct and facility use as approved by the City of Redmond Parks and Recreation Department
    • Abide by and ensure participants abide by Facility Code of Conduct.
    • Provide competent supervision in accordance iwth the approved ratio of supervisor to participant at all times (1:10). Supervisors will not leave participants or facility unattended at any tiem during classes/programs/activities
    • Contracts will be 1 year in length with the potential to become 2 years with a mutually agreed-upon extension
    • All staff members must be 16 years old; at least one staff member age 18+ on-site at all times 
    • Ensure all staff have applicable certifications, including current CPR/First Aid
    • Complete background checks on all staff/volunteers who will be working in programs
    • Confirm that instructors are experienced and qualified to teach program content
    • Deliver quality and inclusive supervision programming
    • Maintain all necessary paperwork as required by the City, including medical waivers and accurate attendance counts
    • Represent the City of Redmond in a professional manner
    • Standard split for contractors who administer classes in a City of Redmond park or facility is 65% to the contractor and 35% to the City
  2. What season would these proposed programs start?

    Please note that summer camps require a separate process and form application.

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