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2021 Busker Permit Application


  1. 1. Program Overview and Requirements
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  • Program Overview and Requirements

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    2. 2021 Busker Permit Application

      The 2021 Redmond Busker pilot program is a new opportunity for local and regional street performers to perform at Downtown Park. Submit this application to participate in the 2021 season. Selected artists will be permitted as a busker and authorized to perform at designated times at 2 locations in the park with up to 5 performers at a time. As the community recovers from the pandemic, we encourage all buskers and spectators to stay safe by following the current Covid-19 guidelines. Check for the latest information. 

      What are Buskers?
      Buskers are street performers’ including musicians, mimes, dancers, theater groups, and other performance artists who perform in public spaces. This program is intended to provide a low-barrier opportunity for local and regional artists of all experience levels to use Downtown Park to present the work they would like to share with the community. Buskers participating in the program are permitted to promote and sell their work or solicit donations from the public.


      Questions? Email us at


      Application Open:           June 21, 2021

      Program Dates:               July 1, 2021 – October 30, 2021

      Performance Times:       Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

      Fee: $25


      Selection Process
      For 2021, application review and approval will be completed by Cultural Arts and Events staff members in consultation with the Redmond Arts and Culture Commission. The total number of applicants that can be approved for the 2021 season is 25 due to limited performance timeslots. Staff will review all applications submitted on an ongoing basis and if this maximum is reached, additional performance timeslots may be added to increase the capacity of this program. Applications will be evaluated on an ongoing basis in the order received. 


      Selection Criteria

      • Level of performance experience
      • Availability
      • Location/proximity to Redmond
      • Number of performers in the group
      • Equipment required for the performance
      • Incomplete applications will not be accepted or processed


      Performance Equipment & Power Requirements

      • Artists and all equipment must stay within the designated performance space. Artists will be able to submit feedback about these locations. 
      • Battery-powered sound amplification is allowed. No on-site power source will be provided.
        • Artists are encouraged to direct amplified sound into the parks. 
      • Artist will use reasonable noise levels and agree to lower noise levels if deemed necessary by City of Redmond staff. 
      • A performer may use battery-powered amplification up to a level of 80 dBA measured 50 feet from the source of the sound. The conduct and behavior of all street performers will comply with the existing noise ordinances and codes.
      • Any proposed changes to the artists’ equipment and/or requirements must be provided to in writing more than one week prior to a performance.
      • Artist(s) are encouraged to review the Park Rules prior to applying, please contact with any questions or for additional information.
      • Must not impede vehicle, pedestrian, or other traffic flow in the rights-of-way. 


      Artist Requirements

      • Permitted buskers must have a copy of the permit on-site during performances and must accommodate requests from City staff to view the permit upon request. 
      • The Artist(s) must ensure all performances are suitable for all ages. 
      • All approved applicants must:
        • Pay a $25 application fee upon application approval. 
        • Sign and return the permit within 48 hours of receipt to  
        • Signed permit and application fee must be received prior to the first performance. 
      • Artist is responsible for leaving the performance areas clean and free of debris. If the performance area is not left clean at the end of a performance, the artist may be charged $50 for staff time required to clean the area. 
        • If an artist arrives for a performance time and the area is not clean, they are encouraged to report the issue to with photos attached of the area. 


      Sale of Goods and Solicitation of Donations

      • Permitted buskers are authorized to display a 2ft x 2ft sign to promote goods available for sale or where spectators can learn more about the Artist(s).  
      • Permitted buskers may sell goods and solicit donations on-site.
      • A business license is not required for permitted buskers participating in this program. 
      • Information about sales taxes is available at  


      Performance Scheduling Procedure

      • Permitted buskers will receive a link to sign-up for performance slots upon application approval. Each permit holder is authorized to reserve a maximum of two (2) one-hour performance timeslots each week during the 2021 season. 
      • Unreserved performance slots are available to permitted buskers on a first-come, first-serve basis but limited to 1 hour if another permitted busker is waiting.  
        • A second consecutive hour may be used by the busker only if no other permitted buskers are waiting.  
        • No permitted buskers may use a performance location for more than 2 consecutive hours per day, even if the following performance slot at the same location is available. 


      Artist Feedback and Reporting of Issues

      • Permitted buskers will receive a link to a feedback form to capture feedback about their experience participating in this program. 
      • Artists are encouraged to submit photos of spectators using this form to assist us in determining the level of engagement from the public and to promote this program online or in printed media.  
      • We will use any feedback or information to identify opportunities to improve this program for participating artists and the public. 
      • If urgent issues or conflicts arise, you may email to report the issue and a phone number will be provided to permitted buskers upon application approval. 


      Please do not leave valuables unattended in the park. Performance equipment, including instruments, production equipment, inventory, or any other items are the sole responsibility of the Artist. No security services will be provided by the City of Redmond. The City of Redmond does not assume responsibility for injury to persons, loss, or damage to any property of the Artist, including theft, accidents, or acts of God. 


      The Artist shall not be an insured party under any applicable liability insurance coverage obtained by the City. The City recommends that the Artist obtain adequate insurance to cover the Artist’s activities performed under this Agreement. The City reserves the right to require the Artist to obtain liability insurance of an amount reasonably established by the City and to furnish a certificate naming the City as an additional insured.