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2020 Derby Days Parade Application


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    2. Celebrating 80 years, Redmond Derby Days is a summer festival rooted in the spirit of competition that celebrates the uniqueness of Redmond through parades, races, contests, game booths, carnival rides, arts, music, food and much more! It all started in 1940 as a bike derby and parade for the community to raise money for holiday decorations and athletic equipment. Today, Derby Days celebrates Redmond's diverse community and offers all ages a chance to participate in a fun summer festival setting.

      2020 Theme
      We are asking Parade Entries to incorporate this year's “Time Machine Mashup” Derby Days theme into their entry. This theme connects Redmond to the history of Derby Days, the decades gone by, the traditions that have united us in the past, and the future of our community. The inspiration for décor is unlimited as any decade fits the theme! 2020’s Derby Days is our 80th annual Festival too. Need some ideas? Contact us, we would be happy to help.

      Trophies will be awarded in the following categories:

      • Grand Derby Award (Best Overall)
      • Community Spirit Award
      • Best Drill Team Award
      • Best Theme
      • Mayor’s Choice Award

      Important Dates:
      • June 1: Application deadline (Completed application includes: application, entry description, and signed hold harmless agreement)
      • June 8: Entry Notification
      • June 15: Entry Fee (if applicable) and proof of insurance (required)
      • June 29: All accepted entries will receive detailed check-in and parade information.
      • Saturday, July 11: Parade Day! (Check-in by 9:30am; Parade begins immediately after kids parade)

      • Community/Non-Commercial: No Entry Fee (Includes members of schools, religious and fraternal organizations, service clubs, unions, non-profit organizations, or city personnel.)
      • Commercial: $325 Entry Fee (Includes firms or organizations in the business of supplying goods or services.)

      The following rules and regulations apply to all grand parade applicants:
      1. Due to event schedule timing and staging constraints, there are a limited number of entries (approximately 70 based on an average size of each entry) that will be allowed in the various categories of units. Categories are: Entertainment (Bands, Equestrian, Music, etc.) 25%, Commercial Businesses 22%, Community Groups and Non-Profits 20%, City of Redmond Representatives 20%, Schools 6%, Political 5%, Religious 2%. The Parade Coordinator will make entry decisions generally based on a first-come, first-serve basis, though priority may be given to entries that best represent the theme and purpose of the parade. Nothing in these Rules is intended to restrict speech or the right to lawfully distribute promotional items or literature in areas that are not part of the designated parade route while attending the festival at large.
      2. Applications are accepted and approved on a first come, first served basis, with equal consideration given to special invitations made by the Parade Coordinator. Approved entries will receive written notice.
      3. Children are allowed to walk in the parade but must maintain pace throughout the route.
      4. Your placement in the parade and check-in time will be forwarded to you in a separate letter.
      5. For safety of the parade spectators and participants, no materials may be thrown along the parade route. Candy, gifts, merchandise, literature or other material along the parade route is strictly limited to distribution by entry walkers at the edge of the sidewalk and street along the parade route. Throwing is prohibited by insurance and because it encourages spectators to leave their seats and enter into the path of motorized vehicles, floats, and horses. ONLY forward movement maneuvers are permitted by marching units. A spacing of fifty (50) feet between each unit will be enforced. All units are required to close the gap between participants at all times.
      6. Parade participants and entry walkers may not mingle with or accost parade route spectators during the parade.
      7. Floats and other units are not allowed if using any kind of discriminatory graphics, photos, text, actions, depictions, attire, etc. based on the grounds of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age and sensory, mental or physical handicap; or that are determined unlawful. Parade participants must ensure they conform to the State’s RCW49.60.030 Freedom from Discrimination law and that there is no posting, wearing of or use of items that violate anti-hate crime laws.
      8. City of Redmond elected officials currently in office, and other publicly elected officials will be allowed to participate, in addition to floats and other units identified as political organizations, or candidates for political office.
      9. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are strictly forbidden on any float, in any vehicle or on the person of any participant. Participants consuming alcohol or taking illegal drugs prior to or during the parade or appearing intoxicated or impaired (for any reason, including legal medication) will be removed.
      10. The Derby Days Festival reserves the right to withdraw any unit of which costume or performance does not meet parade rules and regulations, or conform to the standards of reasonable public taste.
      11. Entries that do not appear on parade day without prior notification, or do not comply with the rules and regulations, will jeopardize future invitations to the Grand Parade.
      12. Commercial entries, including any entry sponsored by or displaying commercial signage, will be charged $300 to enter the Grand Parade. This fee is waived for Derby Days Festival Sponsors.

      Equestrian & Animal Entry Requirements
      1. No riders under twelve (12) years of age.
      2. No stallions.
      3. Only one rider per horse.
      4. Each rider (or group) must provide a clean-up unit. Entries without a clean-up unit will not be allowed in the parade.
      5. Any riders or trainers showing inability to control their animal will be deemed unsafe and will be removed from the parade.
      6. See Insurance Requirements below.

      Indemnity and Waiver
      The APPLICANT shall indemnify and hold the CITY OF REDMOND and its agents, employees and/or officers, harmless from and shall process and defend at its own expense any and all claims, demands, suits, at law or equity, actions, penalties, loss, damages, or costs, of whatsoever kind or nature, brought against the CITY OF REDMOND arising out of, or in connection with, or incident to, the execution of this Agreement and/or APPLICANT’S performance or failure to perform any aspect of this Agreement; provided, however, that if such claims are caused by, or result from, the concurrent negligence of the CITY OF REDMOND, its agents, employees, and/ or officers, this indemnity provisions shall be valid and enforceable only to the extent of the negligence of the APPLICANT; and provided further, that nothing herein shall require the APPLICANT to hold harmless or defend the CITY OF REDMOND, its agents, employees, and/or officers for damages or loss caused by the CITY OF REDMOND’S sole negligence. The APPLICANT expressly agrees that the indemnification provided herein constitutes the contractor’s waiver of immunity under Title 51 R.C.W., for the purposes of this Agreement. This waiver has been mutually negotiated by the parties. The provisions of this section shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement.

      Insurance Requirements
      1. All floats, business-owned or commercial vehicles, and equestrian entries must provide a Certificate of Commercial General Liability Insurance as proof of insurance (required insurance: combined bodily injury and property damage with limits of $1,000,000, on an occurrence basis with participant coverage as primary and non-contributory with the parade activity listed on Certificate page as an included activity). The City of Redmond must be named as Additional Insured, and appropriate Additional Insured Endorsement must be attached or policy pages provided showing the Additional Insured Endorsement has been added to the policy.
      2. All individually-owned (and nonbusiness/ non-commercial) vehicle entries must provide a copy of current, valid vehicle liability insurance meeting Washington State minimum liability limits.
      3. All insurance documentation must be received by the Parade Coordinator no later than June 29, 2016. Any entry not providing the required insurance documentation by will not be allowed to participate in the parade.