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2020 Derby Days Food Vendor Application


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    2. Celebrating 80 years, Redmond Derby Days is a summer festival rooted in the spirit of competition that celebrates the uniqueness of Redmond through parades, races, contests, game booths, carnival rides, arts, music, food and much more! It all started in 1940 as a bike derby and parade for the community to raise money for holiday decorations and athletic equipment. Today, Derby Days celebrates Redmond's diverse community and offers all ages a chance to participate in a fun summer festival setting.


      • Booth Fee: $425 (10'x10')
      • Previous booth locations are not guaranteed.
      • Booths larger than 10' x 10' may be approved upon request if space is available, an additional booth fee will be required.
      • At this time, food trucks are not being accepted.

      Application Process:
      1. Review and begin completing the Food Vendor Checklist to ensure you are all set for Derby Days!
      2. May 20, 2020 - Complete and submit vendor application.
      3. May 24, 2020 - Acceptance notifications emailed.
      4. June 5, 2020 - Payment is due
      5. June 12, 2020 - All equipment rental and electrical needs are submitted by email to
      6. June 15, 2020 - Certificate of Insurance is due.
      7. June 25, 2020 - Proof of Health Department permit due.

      Selection Criteria:
      • Applications will evaluated and juried, although some vendors will be invited at the discretion of the Derby Days Committee.
      • Applications are evaluated based on reputation, menu, and past history with Derby Days. We will accept businesses representing a variety and balance of food selection and pricing.
      • Juried decisions are final.
      • Note: Past participation with other City of Redmond events does not guarantee acceptance. Derby Days reserves the right to refuse any application or withdraw acceptance, in which case the fee will be refunded in full.

      Booth Location:
      • Booth fees are based on a 10’x10’ footprint and vendors must stay within the booth space, including side awnings, walkways, etc. For anything larger an additional booth fee will apply, contact Amber Britton at 425-556-2367 or
      • Booth fees will be refunded in full if cancellation is received before June 10, 2020.
      • All booth locations will be determined by festival staff, ensuring consideration that similar business types are spread throughout the space, space constraints and power access. Location is non-negotiable.

      Booth Equipment & Power Requirements:
      • All tents must be appropriately weighted down and will be subject to inspection. Refer to the Food Vendor Checklist for specifics.
      • Any proposed changes to the Application’s rental equipment must be provided to Amber Britton in writing by June 12, 2020.
      • Power requirements will be communicated to our electrical contractor by a separate form. More information and the form will be sent with acceptance notifications.

      Hours of Operation & Menu:
      • Festival hours are 4-10pm Friday, July 10 and 10am-10pm Saturday, July 11 and all Food Vendors must be open during these times. All vendors must be prepared to serve ample quantities of full menu selections until conclusion of event. Non-compliance may result in denial of participation in future events.
      • Only menu items (at prices) listed on the Vendor application may be sold.
      • Changes/additions are only allowed with pre-approval by Amber Britton prior to June 30.
      • The CITY OF REDMOND reserves the right to restrict certain food items or beverages due to contractual exclusivity with event sponsors. Vendors will be notified of any such restrictions that may conflict with their menu offerings at the time of acceptance and be allowed to offer a substitution.
      • Menu items in glass containers are not allowed.
      • All items must be compostable. Refer to the Food Vendor Checklist for details.

      • Food Vendors must provide their own booths, equipment, and signs.
      • Signs must look professional, handwritten signs are not allowed.

      Check-in / Set-up & Breakdown:
      Please check-in at the Information Booth upon arrival for site assignments, set-up instructions, and questions during the event. VENDOR Vehicles are allowed access as soon as the CITY OF REDMOND Police Dept. declares that it is safe to drive onto festival grounds. All booths, vehicles and vendor debris must be removed from the Festival grounds by 12:30am, Sunday, July 12.

      Booth structure and contents, including inventory, are the sole responsibility of the VENDOR. On-site security provided Friday, July 10, 8pm-7am. Please do not leave valuables in your booth area. THE CITY OF REDMOND does not assume responsibility for injury to persons, loss or damage to any property of the VENDORS, including theft, accidents or acts of God.

      Restriction violations may result in immediate removal from the festival site as well as denial of entry into any future festivals.
      • Vendors are not allowed to ‘rove’ or sell beyond their booth at any time.
      • Staking of tents, pole banners, signage, or other equipment is not permitted.
      • Alcoholic beverages, amplified music or speaking, and televisions are not allowed on festival grounds without prior written approval from festival.
      • The Festival reserves the right to restrict any activities that interfere with public access and/or Festival programming.
      • Vendors may not advertise outside of their booth space including use of rovers, flyers and sandwich boards.

      Indemnity & Waiver:
      The APPLICANT shall indemnify and hold the CITY OF REDMOND and its agents, employees and/or officers, harmless from and shall process and defend at its own expense any and all claims, demands, suits, at law or equity, actions, penalties, loss, damages, or costs, of whatsoever kind or nature, brought against the CITY OF REDMOND arising out of, or in connection with, or incident to, the execution of this Agreement and/or APPLICANT’S performance or failure to perform any aspect of this Agreement; provided, however, that if such claims are caused by, or result from, the concurrent negligence of the CITY OF REDMOND, its agents, employees, and/or officers, this indemnity provisions shall be valid and enforceable only to the extent of the negligence of the APPLICANT; and provided further, that nothing herein shall require the APPLICANT to hold harmless or defend the CITY OF REDMOND, its agents, employees, and/or officers for damages or loss caused by the CITY OF REDMOND’S sole negligence. The APPLICANT expressly agrees that the indemnification provided herein constitutes the contractor’s waiver of immunity under Title 51 R.C.W., for the purposes of this Agreement. This waiver has been mutually negotiated by the parties. The provisions of this section shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement.