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Parks & Recreation

  1. 2023 Derby Days Booth Application

    Use this form to apply for a booth at 2023 Derby Days! Please apply by the application deadline of June 1, 2023 at 10:00 PM. Please... More…

  2. 2023 Derby Do-Gooder Scholarship Application

    This is an application form for the 2023 Derby Do-Gooder Scholarship. Please contact us at for more information.

  3. Inclusion Services Request Form

    Please submit an electronic Inclusion Services request form immediately after registering for your desired activities. Please fill out... More…

  4. Personal Training Inquiry

    Explore personal training options that will fit your lifestyle needs. Fill out this form to connect with our fitness team.

  5. Redmond Lights 2022 - Business Window Decorating Contest Entry Form

    Submit your business' window display celebrating Redmond Lights!

  6. Youth Advocate Redmond Arts Commission

    The Youth advocate will give input to the Redmond Arts Commission in matters such as programming and art in the community for people... More…

  1. 2023 Derby Days Parade Application

    Use this form to apply to be in the 2023 Derby Days Parade! Please apply by the application deadline of June 2, 2023 at 10:00 PM. ... More…

  2. Facility Use Inquiry

    Use this form to request renting space from Redmond Parks & Recreation for your meeting or activity.

  3. Parkside Picnic Delivery Program - Business participant application

    Apply to participate in the Parkside Picnic Delivery Program! Participation in this program is free and gives your restaurant access to... More…

  4. Recreation Contractor Application

    Use the form to submit an application to become a recreation contractor with City of Redmond.

  5. Special Event Permit Application

    City of Redmond Special Event Permit Application. Use this form to apply for a permit to host a special event in Redmond.