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Proclamation Request Form

  1. Mayor Birney is pleased to officially recognize the people, programs, particular issues and causes, accomplishments, and events that make Redmond unique by issuing proclamations. Proclamations raise awareness and signify the importance of community awareness, recognition, and community support. 

    The Mayor may present proclamations at Council business meetings, community events, and days of remembrance and recognition. The Mayor's Office may also issue proclamations in recognition of Redmond residents, organizations, or groups. All proclamations are issued at the discretion of the Mayor. The City may share proclamations and any photos, video, or audio pertaining to a proclamation with the community via its communication platforms at its discretion.  

    Proclamation Request Criteria:

    1. All requests must be received a minimum of 60 days prior to issue date.
    2. Proclamations are not annually renewed. Requests must be submitted annually. 
    3. Only requests from a Redmond resident, business, organization, or group are considered. This includes requests from national, international, and out-of-state causes and organizations. 
    4. All requests must include complete draft language and necessary background information.
    5. The Mayor reserves the right to approve or decline any request and make any necessary edits to content prior to final issuance.
    6. The issuance of a proclamation does not imply endorsement from the Mayor, Mayor's Office, or the City of Redmond. 
    7. Duplicate or similar requests will be declined.
    8. Requests related to political issues, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual convictions will be declined.
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