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  1. Website Feedback

    Let us know what you think of the City's website. Are you having difficulty finding anything? What could we improve? If you have... More…


  1. Fire Inspection Request

    Use the following form to request a fire inspection for a permitted construction project.

Parks & Recreation

  1. 2021 Busker Permit Application

    Please use this application form to apply to be a permitted busker for the 2021 busker season.

  2. Derby Days Community Bike Challenge

    A community virtual bike challenge! Set your cycling goal to beat between June 9th and July 11th. Join us for the longest continuously... More…

  3. Inclusion Services Request Form

    Please submit an electronic Inclusion Services request form immediately after registering for your desired activities. Please fill out... More…

  4. Parkside Picnic Delivery Program - Business participant application

    Apply to participate in the Parkside Picnic Delivery Program! Participation in this program is free and gives your restaurant access to... More…

  5. Recreation Fee Assistance Inquiry

    Our desire is to make recreational opportunities available to all City of Redmond residents regardless of income. The City of Redmond... More…

  6. Redmond Lights - Coloring Contest Submission Form

    Submit your Redmond Lights Coloring Contest entry using this form!

  7. Redmond Lights - Resident Lighting Display Contest Entry Form

    Submit your home decorations celebrating Redmond Lights!

  8. So Bazaar Video Submission

    Please note, this form is only for use by confirmed artists scheduled to perform at 2020 So Bazaar. Use this form to submit your video... More…

  9. Virtual Derby Days Photo Submissions

    Upload your photos for 2020 Virtual Derby Days here.

  1. Derby Days Bike Decorating

    Submit your photos and videos from 2020 Virtual Derby Days Bike Decorating!

  2. Facility Use Inquiry

    Use this form to request renting space from Redmond Parks & Recreation for your meeting or activity. A staff member will respond to... More…

  3. Old Fire House Rockathon: An eastside battle of the bands

    Rockathon is a three part battle of the bands. Use this form to submit your entry.

  4. Personal Training Inquiry

    Explore personal training options that will fit your lifestyle needs. Fill out this form to connect with our fitness team.

  5. Redmond Lights - Business Window Decorating Contest Entry Form

    Submit your business' window display celebrating Redmond Lights!

  6. Redmond Lights - Official Blinker Stop Application Form

    Submit your business to be a 2021 Redmond Lights Official Blinker Stop!

  7. Redmond Lights - Virtual Community Space Information Submission Form

    Virtual Community Space Information Submission Form for participants of 2021 Redmond Lights.

  8. Special Event Permit Application

    City of Redmond Special Event Permit Application. Use this form to apply for a permit to host a special event in Redmond.

  9. Youth Advocate Redmond Arts Commission

    The Youth advocate will give input to the Redmond Arts Commission in matters such as programming and art in the community for people... More…


  1. Plan Review Online (PRO)
  2. Redmond Partnership Network Roster

    A roster for members of the Redmond Partnership Network (RPN) to submit and maintain their contact information and service model for... More…

  1. Redmond 2050 Community Partners

    Community partner contact confirmation form

  2. Redmond Zoning Code Comments

    Provides external customers a standardized form to comment on the contents and functionality of the Zoning Code.

Public Works

  1. Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee Application

    The Sustainability Advisory Committee was established in the spring of 2021, and meets approximately once every other month. The... More…

  2. Stormwater Management Program Feedback

    Complete form to provide feedback on the Stormwater Management Program Plan

  1. Refresh Your Recycling Pledge

    Take the Refresh Your Recycling pledge and join other Redmond businesses in recycling more and reducing waste.

Utility Billing

  1. Request for Account Changes

    Use this form to change a name, mailing address, or phone number on an existing water or sewer utility account. Do not use this form... More…

  2. Request for Final Billing Estimate (Escrow)

    Use this form to request an Estimated Final Bill used by escrow companies. (The escrow company should make this request.)

  3. Request to Bill Tenant

    Landlords should use the Request to Bill Tenant form to submit tenant information for water or sewer billing.

  1. Request for Final Bill

    Submit this form if you are selling your property, to receive your final bill.

  2. Request for New Service

    If you are buying a home, please complete this form to start water or sewer service.