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1. Why is the gate being opened?
2. If the gate only costs a few minutes of travel time per driver, why is it important for it to be opened?
3. What is the plan for the 172nd Avenue NE Gate?
4. Why aren’t all the traffic calming measures being built before opening the road?
5. Why is there a focus on traffic calming on this road?
6. How can increased volumes of traffic use such a narrow road, and how can large trucks navigate the narrow roads? Isn’t the road too narrow to open the gate?
7. How will this project affect traffic volumes on other routes?
8. How will King County be involved in completing the plan?
9. How will pedestrians and bikers be kept safe both north and south of the gate?
10. How will traffic laws be enforced in this area?
11. Will more streetlights be added?
12. Why aren’t pedestrian and bicycle safety being addressed before opening the gate?
13. What are the roles and responsibilities of Redmond and King County in this project?
14. Have you included the pedestrian, bike, and animal traffic at the entrance to Smith Wood Park in planning for this project?
15. What authority does the City have to make changes to these streets?
16. Why is the City using traffic data from 2019? How can years-old data be accurate?
17. What are you doing to fix the current traffic calming measures that are not working?
18. Why do we keep hearing different traffic numbers for this project?
19. Why wasn’t the meeting recorded?
20. What is the difference between traffic counts, traffic models, and evaluation?
21. Are there plans to open the gate at 172nd Avenue and 145th Street NE?
22. What feedback have the Redmond Police and Fire Departments provided regarding the gate?
23. Why aren’t you using the funding for this project to improve roads with poor pavement first?
24. What is the total cost and funding source to pay for all the traffic calming features?
25. Why aren’t there sidewalks on the King County side of the gate?
26. What is the timing for installing traffic calming features?
27. Will more streetlights be added?
28. How does this plan account for the Monticello Watershed?