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1. Cable prices vary significantly between Redmond and other areas of the country. What can Redmond do to reduce this variation?
2. What can the City do to improve the quality of service provided by cable companies?
3. Why aren’t there other cable companies to choose from in Redmond? What is the City doing to allow for more competition among cable companies and subsequently, more competitive pricing.
4. Why isn’t the City trying to attract other cable service providers to Redmond, including offering incentives for new entrants?
5. Why doesn’t the City build its own cable infrastructure to provide better quality cable to residents?
6. When I have a contract dispute with the cable company, why doesn’t the City help me escalate the issue?
7. Does the City currently monitor how well Comcast and Frontier provide service and comply with their contracts, and if no, why not?
8. What is the City doing to make the new contracts better than the old ones with respect to Customer Service issues?
9. If a cable service provider is not performing to existing customer service standards, can the City refuse to renew their contract?
10. Why is only one cable company available in my apartment building or neighborhood, and why doesn’t the City mandate that they cover my area?