How long is the license in effect?

All business licenses expire December 31 of each calendar year and must be renewed by February 15 if business will continue in Redmond.  

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1. What types of businesses need to have a business license?
2. What entities are exempt from business licensing requirements?
3. How long is the license in effect?
4. Can I assume the former owner's license?
5. How soon will I get my license?
6. What happens if I move my business to a new location?
7. What happens if I add another location within the Redmond City limits?
8. What are the funds collected from Business Licensing used for?
9. When is a business license denied?
10. How do outside contractors and consultants determine the license fee?
11. When there are no employees actually working in the City, as is the case with telecommunications providers, how is the fee determined?
12. Does the City of Redmond charge quarterly taxes on incomes?
13. What if my business is located outside of Redmond?
14. Who can help me confirm the zoning requirements applicable to the location of my business?
15. What is a home based business?
16. What are miscellaneous businesses?
17. What if I'm not able to use the online system?