Why is Redmond Lights in Downtown Park?

Redmond Lights moved to Downtown Park in 2020 to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions and King County’s planned sewer upgrade project along the Sammamish River Trail, which is where the luminary walk of the event historically took place. Redmond Lights continued in Downtown Park in 2021 to continue to meet COVID-19 restrictions and the delay of the planned construction. In 2022, with COVID-19 restrictions removed, in-person, live entertainment will now be reinstated as a part of the event. However, with the construction of the Redmond Senior & Community Center on City Hall campus and planned King County construction along the Sammamish River Trail, the event will remain in Downtown Park. In June and July of 2023, staff will evaluate the current construction timelines for both projects to determine the location for Redmond Lights 2023 and beyond. 

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3. Why is Redmond Lights in Downtown Park?
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