What parks are operated by City of Redmond?

City of Redmond operates a number of community and neighborhood parks. The City does not operate Marymoor Park or Sammamish River Trail, which are operated by King County.  Some parks operated by the City include:

  • Idylwood Park

  • Perrigo Park

  • Grass Lawn Park

  • Downtown Park

  • Redmond Central Connector

  • Edge Skate Park

  • Anderson Park

  • Hartman Park

  • Farrel-McWhirter Park

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All City of Redmond parks and trail systems are open, but some amenities are closed due to COVID-19. City of Redmond recently outlined the Play Safe, Stay Safe Reopening Plan. The reopening of all park amenities, facilities and activities are in accordance with Washington’s Phased Approach. As King County meets the requirements to move into each phase, City of Redmond Parks and Recreation will reopen park amenities, facilities and services in alignment with the requirements for each phase and in accordance with guidelines from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), King County Public Health and the Governor’s office.   For more information, please visit Redmond.gov/PlaySafe

Safety Tips & Reminders
As you plan your visit, remember to practice physical distancing, avoid crowded areas, keep it moving to help prevent crowding, stay home if you are sick and follow the most current CDC guidelines.  With your help, City of Redmond parks and trails can remain open for the enjoyment of all!

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