When will I receive a refund?

All refunds have been automatically be issued.  If you have been impacted by the closure and have not received your refund or credit, please contact Guest Services at 425-556-2300 or email GuestServices@redmond.gov.  Staff are working remotely and are available to assist you.

  • Registered Activities: Participants who are registered for activities will be issued a full refund or credit automatically.
  • FlexFit Passes: FlexFit monthly pass holders will have passes extended. Drop-in Passes will be available when services resume. 
  • Preschool: Please contact Nature Vision for information about options for school year extensions or make-up dates.
  • Facility Rentals: Rentals scheduled through July 5, 2020 will automatically receive a full refund or credit, including processing fees. Parks and Recreation staff will work with ongoing community renters to address closure impacts moving forward.
  • Permitted Events: Permitted Special Events scheduled to take place through August 31, 2020 have been canceled and will receive a full refund or provided the opportunity to reschedule at a future date, if available. 


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1. When will I receive a refund?
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8. When will I receive a refund?
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