How are projects evaluated?

Decisions regarding successful applications for the Neighborhood Match Fund are made by a committee of public officials.  The committee will review each application and make the awards based on the criteria listed below:

Quality of the Project

The project is clearly understood, well planned , and ready to proceed.  There is a demonstrated need for the project.  The budget is reasonable, cost-effective, and within the scope of this fund.

Neighborhood Match

The match meets the minimum requirement, is secured and is ready to be expended.

Neighborhood Participation and Benefit

A significant number of people will be involved in and will benefit from the project.  The project is not controversial nor does it have neighborhood opposition.  The project creates opportunities for self-help.  Diverse interests are involved.

During the evaluation process, emphasis will be placed on projects that provide the neighborhood with a lasting physical improvement.  Before the award is given, the applicant and the City must agree on the terms of the project to assure the City that the award will provide a public benefit and is not a gift of public funds.  All applications are rated using this criteria.

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