Who may apply?

Two or more individuals, from separate households and living within the city limits of Redmond, may submit an application with their project idea.  All projects are required to have a Citizen Project Coordinator (either individual or group) to be the liaison between the City and the neighborhood during project development and implementation.

Single businesses, city-wide organizations, social services, fraternal and religious groups, and public agencies are not eligible as applicants.  However, eligible applicants are encouraged to form partnerships with these ineligible groups to plan and implement projects.  The eligible applicant must retain the primary role in the partnership.  Political groups are not eligible for matching funds.

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1. Who may apply?
2. How do I apply?
3. What kind of projects are eligible?
4. How are projects evaluated?
5. How does the Neighborhood Matching Fund work?
6. What are the basic requirements for developing a Neighborhood Match project?
7. Who is responsible for project maintenance?
8. What is the timeline for project approval through completion?