Styrofoam & Paper Shredding ONLY events

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Styrofoam Recycling

Only the following types will be collected (must be clean and dry). 

Separate by type NOT color. 

• Packing peanuts: all colors collected in see-through plastic bags only.
• Meat trays and egg cartons: all colors except gray collected in see-through plastic bags only.
• Styrofoam blocks: all colors collected either loose or in see-through plastic bags. Please remove all tapes and labels.

No other materials are accepted, such as urethane foam cushions, hot tub covers, expanded polypropylene or foam insulation.

Paper Shredding

All confidential documents will be safely shredded on site.
Please follow the rules & restrictions for paper shredding below.

  • No hanging folders, ring binders or spiral binders allowed.
  • Staples, clips, and fasteners can stay on. 
  • Please take home your boxes/bags when done.

There will be a $5 fee for each box/bag beyond the limit of the first five free boxes/bags, unless you have additional brochures.
If you are dropping off materials for fellow Redmond residents, you need to bring their brochures together with yours to avoid the fees when you have extra volume.
Please refer to the rate table below.

Cash or checks made payable to "Frontline Shredding".

Boxes/Bags of Shredding*# of Brochures Needed for Free ShreddingCost beyond the limits as shown in the left columns
Up to 5  None or One$5/each box/bag
 Up to 10 Two    $5/each box/bag    
Up to 15Three $5/each box/bag 
Up to 20Four$5/each box/bag

* Box Size = 15"L x 12"W x 10"H; Bag Size = Standard Grocery Bag

Note:  Each brochure is valid for up to 5 free boxes/bags. No brochure is required for 5 boxes/bags or less.

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