Restricted items

NOTE:  Maximum vehicle/truck bed length is 10-feet; any vehicle/truck/trailer bed length exceeding 10-feet will not be allowed entry.

The following materials will NOT be accepted at the Recycling Event

  • Regular household trash that fits into your curbside garbage tote and is collected weekly by Waste Management.
  • Yard debris such as grass clippings, leaves and tree branches less than 4 inches in diameter which is recycled weekly through the curbside Yard Waste Program.  If you have more than can fit into your yard debris totter and you do not wish to pay the extra curbside collection fee, you may take your yard debris to one of the local private composting facilities which will also charge you a fee to recycle.
  • Recyclables including cardboard boxes which are recycled weekly through the curbside Recycling Program with no volume limit.
  • Sawdust and sod which are accepted for a small fee at Pacific Topsoil, (28071 Redmond-Fall City Road NE, 800-884-7645).
  • Railroad ties.  Accepted at King County facilities for more information visit the King County Houghton Transfer Station page, or call 206-477-4466.
  • TV sets, computers and monitors (E-3).  Disposal options: E-3 of Electronics
  • Household hazardous waste materials.  Disposal options:  Haz-Mat

Wood Waste Restrictions

  • We accept ONLY tree stumps, tree branches, firewood and logs that are 4 inches or larger in diameter.
  • Any small branches (less than 4 inches in diameter) must be sawed off from big ones (4 inches or larger in diameter) and only the latter can be brought to the event.
  • We will NOT accept regular yard debris, defined as small branches less than 4 inches in diameter, grass clippings, leaves or sod.  We will deny entry to any vehicle bringing regular yard debris or even a mixed load with regular yard debris.  This rule will be strictly enforced to avoid material contamination.  The bulky wood waste collected at the event is recycled, requiring a different process; even a small amount of regular yard debris will contaminate an entire load of bulky wood materials and make the wood non-recyclable. The city must then pay a higher fee to dispose of the contaminated load as garbage.

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