What ONLY RESIDENTS can bring

(Applies to residence in the 98052 zip code only)

The following stations are for Redmond city-limit households only. An event pass or proof of Redmond city-limit residency is REQUIRED to drop off the following materials:


Broken furniture, large broken toys, carpets, toilet seat covers, garden hoses, non-recyclable plastics and non-construction debris.  No sod or regular household garbage, electronics, or railroad ties, mattresses or box springs or anything collected in garbage bags. 


Logs, firewood, and large tree limbs (a minimum of 4 inches in diameter). No sod, leaves, grass clippings, or tree limbs smaller than 4" in diameter! Vehicles not following the above description will NOT be allowed entry! 


All types of lumber (treated and painted included): plywood, pallets, particleboard, dimension lumber, fence materials, etc.; all construction debris: doors, windows, carpets, drywall, floors, decks, window glass, insulation/roofing materials, etc. The following items are NOT accepted:  regular household garbage, sod, or railroad ties.


Pure bricks, rocks, asphalt and concrete only (for example: no concrete with fence poles). Hardened concrete mix in bags is accepted. A maximum volume of 300 lbs (about 1/3 capacity of a half-ton pickup) is accepted. No large Loads which can be disposed of for a fee at DTG (8504 192nd Ave. NE, Redmond, 425-245-8015). Please call for details.


All types of ceramic sinks and toilets are accepted. Please REMOVE wax rings at the bottom and wooden or plastic toilet seat covers. Metal sinks and metal toilet parts are accepted at the Scrap Metal Station.

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