What everyone can bring

Recycling Stations open to EVERYONE

No pass or proof of Redmond city-limit residency is required to drop off materials at the following stations. Event rules and regulations will be strictly applied to all event participants.


Greeters will verify the acceptance of materials and proof of Redmond city-limit residency for resident only stations.  Please read the following information carefully and follow the rules and restrictions, which are strictly enforced.


Hopelink will collect nonperishable food for those in need in our community. Possible foods: canned tuna fish, pasta, canned fruit, peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, cereal, baby food, canned or jarred tomato products, and nonperishable juice. A cash donation, however, makes the biggest impact. Please write your donation check payable to Hopelink.


Emerald Parents Association will accept all reusable/repairable bikes for both children and adults. 

Bikes will be: 

  • donated, either "as is" or after repairs, to local families in need. 
  • Tricycles could either be donated at Household Goods Station or recycled at Scrap Metal Station. 
  • Skateboards could either be donated at Household Goods Station or disposed of at Bulky Garbage Station.


Black rigid and round plastic containers only. Unbroken without cracks. 

Accepting only(rinsed & cleaned): 

  • 1 gallon (6.5 inches in diameter & 7 inches in height)
  • 2 gallon (8.5 inches in diameter & 8.5 inches in height)
  • 5 gallon (11 inches in diameter & 12 inches in height)


Lead acid batteries: car, truck, marine and motorcycle. All household batteries (both regular and rechargeable). Please sort according to types: alkaline, Ni-CD, NI-MH, etc.


The vendor can NO LONGER pay anything for all laser/ink cartridges used in printers or fax machines or cell phones for recycling.


Light truck, car and motorcycle tires. Bias, steel belted and studded tires are okay. 

  • Free for first 6 off-rim tires
  • $2.25 for each additional tire
  • $5.50 for every on-rim tire
  • $12.00 for every off-rim truck tire
  • $25.00 for every on-rim truck tire
  • Pay at the drop-off with checks ONLY payable to 'City of Redmond'


Clothing, textiles including rags, books, furniture, etc. Furniture items must be reusable as is. Tax receipts available. Any items that need repair will be accepted as Bulky Garbage which is restricted for Redmond city-limit residents only.


Household units ONLY.  Promotional discount of $25.00 (cash only) for each unit at drop off.  The fee is for the safe removal and disposal of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC coolants) from those units. CASH ONLY ACCEPTED AT THE DROP-OFF.


Anything electronically wired or battery-operated (including flashlights). NO TVs, monitors or computers (E-3).   


Any metal, auto parts, metal lawn furniture, mowers (drain all fluids), BBQ stoves, appliances (stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, washers/dryers, hot water tanks), metal-framed doors/windows, screen doors, exercise/gas powered equipment. 

$5 cash for a fire extinguisher of any size and for each 5-gallon tank of butane, propane, Freon, or helium tank (free with its value removed).

$1 cash for each 1-gallon canister containing the same types of liquid. 

Any cans that contain chemicals are not allowed but accepted through King County's Hazardous Waste Program:  Haz-Mat


All mattresses and box springs will be collected as recyclable items.  A fee of $15 (cash only) for each piece is charged to process and recycle either the mattress or box spring.

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