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Overlake Central Park

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The Overlake Central Park

The Overlake Central Park is a future park in Overlake Village that will be built on top of regional stormwater vaults. This park is planned to be about two acres in size. The City has not yet acquired this land and therefore has not yet master planned the park, so its specific amenities are undetermined. Concepts considered for this and other Overlake Village parks include elements of a “refuge,” “green” and “plaza.”

Great Location

The public process to date has identified this park as a central gathering place in the large green given its central location, relatively flat topography and easy access from surrounding future developments. This park could be a place for performances, markets, and other events as well as an attractive lunchtime gathering place with amenities such as moveable tables and chairs, water feature, urban landscaping, and places for community engagement such as interactive art and play.

Additional Information

For more information see the June 2010 Overlake Village Stormwater and Park Facilities Conceptual Design Implementation Plan (PDF).

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