Determine Building Use and Permit Requirements

Before signing a lease, it is important to determine if the building, work space, or suite is an appropriate occupancy for the proposed business, and if any construction permits will be required prior to you occupying the space. 

  • Occupancy:
    Is your business the right occupancy for this space? Note: If the occupancy is not allowed, a change can be applied for. This may trigger other requirements including impact fees. Please contact the Plans Examiner to discuss. A pre-application meeting with all Development Services departments may be suggested.
  • Permits:
    Will you require permits for building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and/or storage racks?
  • Signs:
    Click here for more information about sign requirements.
  • Home-based Businesses:
    How much space in my home can I use for my business? 

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1. Select a Location
2. Determine Building Use and Permit Requirements
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4. Obtain a Redmond Business License
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6. Coordinate with Utility and Environmental Services