How are TBDs created?

Any city or county may form a TBD by passing an ordinance, after holding a public hearing, if the city or county finds that the action is in the public interest (RCW 36.73.050). The ordinance must define the geographic area the TBD covers and the transportation benefits to be funded. A TBD may include part or all of the establishing jurisdiction.

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1. What is a Transportation Benefit District or TBD?
2. How common are TBDs?
3. How are TBDs created?
4. What is the Assumption of Power?
5. How do TBDs raise money for transportation improvements?
6. How are TBDs kept accountable?
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8. Does Redmond have a TBD?
9. What transportation improvements will Redmond use a TBD to fund?
10. How will a Redmond TBD raise money?