What is The Compliance Engine (TCE)?

The Compliance Engine (TCE) is a simple, web-based service used to track the servicing of fire protection systems to drive code compliance, reduce false alarm activity, and provide a safer community. Redmond Fire Prevention began using this system in 2017 as a method of tracking the performance of required inspections for all fire protection systems (such as Fire Alarm, Hood Suppression, Sprinkler, Private Fire Hydrant, Spray booth, etc.). 

This service sends renewal, deficient, and overdue notices automatically to your business contact or responsible party. After the contractor completes their routine fire protection inspections, they must submit all reports to TCE. Your business will be out of compliance until the fire protection contractor submits the report in TCE. Also, the contractor is responsible for submitting any repair reports that they have completed. If a routine inspection was conducted or a repair was made and you are still receiving these notices, please contact your fire protection contractor to make sure they have submitted the information to TCE in a timely manner. If you have further questions regarding TCE or notices that you are receiving, please contact the systems reliability program coordinator. To register for a TCE account, please visit the TCE website at www.thecomplianceengine.com.

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1. What is The Compliance Engine (TCE)?
2. How do I register for a TCE account?
3. What does The Compliance Engine cost?
4. How can a contractor submit their report to TCE?
5. Can a business owner upload inspection reports to The Compliance Engine?
6. Why do I receive automatic notices?
7. Can I e-mail, fax, or mail the confidence test reports to Redmond Fire?
8. Why is my report still listed as "open"?
9. Do I have to use the same contractor to make repairs?
10. Can I have an extension to repair deficiencies?
11. I am a building owner or property manager. How do I access my reports?
12. What is the penalty for non-compliance?