What are Source Control Best Management Practices (also called BMPs)?

BMPs are water pollution controls (devices and actions) that reduce or prevent pollution. Some stormwater BMPs make sense to implement at every location:


Spill Kit

Be prepared for spills by preparing a spill kit and spill plan. Here is a Spill Plan Template for your use.



Always close dumpster lids. Swap out dumpster/trash compactors if they have holes and leak.


Hazardous Materials

Store hazardous materials (oil, gas, etc.) inside your building, or provide cover and containment. Never store near a stormwater drain.


Only Rain in Drains

Never wash or allow pollutants like soap, mop, water, or oil into storm drains.

Other BMPs are specific to the types of activities that occur at your site. The Department of Ecology provides information on business activity-specific BMPs. Visit the Source Control BMP Library for more information

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