What is Stormwater Source Control?

Stormwater source control is an approach to finding potential pollution sources and stopping them from mixing with rainwater and entering a storm drain (the grates you see in the street or parking lot into which water flows). Depending on your site location within Redmond, runoff from your property will infiltrate (seep into groundwater), flow to the City’s stormwater drainage system, or travel directly to a nearby creek, river, wetland, or lake. Redmond Stormwater Source Control staff work with businesses and property owners to identify potential pollution sources before reaching the stormwater drainage system or surface waters.  Stormwater Source Control staff share information on stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) to help reduce and remove these potential pollution sources and help enforce city pollution prevention codes.

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1. What is Stormwater Source Control?
2. What are Source Control Best Management Practices (also called BMPs)?
3. What are some common stormwater pollution sources?
4. Which businesses are part of the Stormwater Source Control Program?
5. When can I expect the City to conduct a Stormwater Source Control inspection?
6. What happens during a source control inspection?
7. How long does a source control inspection take?
8. How can I prepare for a source control inspection?